Third_Pod_Fromthe_Sun_Circle_WorkingThird Pod from the Sun

Third Pod from the Sun is the American Geophysical Union’s podcast about the people and methods behind the science. As a producer for Third Pod, I identify topics for new episodes, interview scientists, craft narratives from raw interviews, and oversee episode production. I am also the executive producer for Third Pod‘s Centennial series, which focuses on telling science stories from a historical perspective.

My work for Third Pod:

Episode 1: Parking lot lava

Episode 4: Alvin and the ocean deep

Episode 5: Journey to the center of the ice

Episode 10: Tracking adorable chainsaws

Episode 11: Deep sea drilling with Dawn

Episode 13: Waiting for poop

Centennial Episode 1: How the Cold War advanced atmospheric science

Centennial Episode 4: Toxic city under the ice

Episode 16: Gunslingers of the sea

Episode 17: Science turns to search and rescue