Third_Pod_Fromthe_Sun_Circle_WorkingThird Pod from the Sun

Third Pod from the Sun is the American Geophysical Union’s award-winning podcast about the people and methods behind the science. As a producer and founder of Third Pod, I take a leading role in the vision, production, and execution of of the podcast. I identify topics for new episodes, interview scientists, craft narratives from raw interviews, oversee episode production, and occasionally edit audio. I served as executive producer for Third Pod‘s Centennial series, which focused on telling science stories from a historical perspective.

Here is a sample of episodes I’ve produced and/or mixed for Third Pod:

Earthrise: The story of the iconic Earthrise photo taken by Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders.

Paradise Lost: How an idyllic tropical island became a radioactive battleship graveyard.

Exhuming a buried piece of American history: How scientists are using grave soil to learn about the lives of enslaved Africans in colonial New York.

Night of the killer smog: How two tragedies sparked the first-ever acts of clean air legislation.

Toxic city under the ice: How waste from a secret, forgotten, Cold War U.S. military base could poison the environment and nearby communities if climate change continues.

Riders on the storm: An insider’s view of the world of stormchasing and the story of the 2013 El Reno, Oklahoma twister that became the widest tornado ever recorded.

Gunslingers of the sea: How snapping shrimp are settling in Oregon waters and acting as a dinner bell for gray whales of the North Pacific Ocean.

Waiting for poop: How scientists are using whale fecal samples to examine the giant mammals’ response to stress.

Tracking adorable chainsaws: How scientists studying northern fur seals are validating indigenous knowledge of the cute but dangerous creatures.

Journey to the center of the ice: How scientists study glaciers from within.

Alvin and the ocean deep: A day in the life of a scientist studying the ocean floor in the submersible Alvin.

Parking lot lava: The story of how a geologist and a sculptor teamed up to create real-life lava flows in a parking lot in upstate New York.