Third_Pod_Fromthe_Sun_Circle_WorkingThird Pod from the Sun

Third Pod from the Sun is the American Geophysical Union’s award-winning podcast about the people and methods behind the science. As a producer and founder of Third Pod, I take a leading role in the vision, production, and execution of of the podcast. I identify topics for new episodes, interview scientists, craft narratives from raw interviews, oversee episode production, and occasionally edit audio. I am also the executive producer for Third Pod‘s Centennial series, which focuses on telling science stories from a historical perspective.

Episodes I’ve produced and/or mixed for Third Pod:


Paradise Lost

Exhuming a buried piece of American history

Night of the killer smog

Toxic city under the ice

How the Cold War advanced atmospheric science

A walk in the vault with Jeff Post

(Hope) Diamonds are forever

Third Pod live: Anthony Rapp

Riders on the storm

Science turns to search and rescue

Gunslingers of the sea

Waiting for poop

Deep sea drilling with Dawn

Tracking adorable chainsaws

Journey to the center of the ice

Alvin and the ocean deep

Parking lot lava