News and opinion

Asphalt Volcanoes Erupt in Slow Motion

Eos.org, March 2016

More Acidic Oceans Could Reduce Fertility for Algae Eaters

Eos.org, February 2016

Ophthalmology community rallies to provide disaster relief efforts in Nepal

EyeWorld magazine, July 2015

Treating the person and not the case

EyeWorld magazine, March 2015

The role of ophthalmologists in helping victims of violence
EyeWorld magazine, October 2014



The evolution of laser cataract surgery

EyeWorld magazine, July 2015

Restrictions on industry/physician relationships: Where do we stand?

EyeWorld magazine, December 2014

Land conservation efforts protect sea turtles

ECO magazine, May 2014



From guitar to glaucoma: Physician fuses careers in music and medicine

EyeWorld magazine, July 2015

Life as the world’s youngest doctor

EyeWorld magazine, April 2015

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Writer and ophthalmologist

EyeWorld magazine, March 2015

The artistic scientist: Dancing between lab and life

Under the Microscope, November 2012


Research and technology briefs

A fundus camera in your pocket

Ophthalmology Business magazine, July 2015

The jigsaw effect: How the brain preserves binocular vision in glaucoma 

EyeWorld magazine, December 2014

Ophthalmology meets neurosurgery: Eye tracking for brain injury

EyeWorld magazine, November 2014

The DNA test that can boost a refractive practice

EyeWorld magazine, June 2015


Blog posts

New study suggests northern tundra shifting from carbon sink to carbon source

GeoSpace, February 2016

Camera traps capture life in the wild 

Osa Conservation, August 2013

The benefits of women’s empowerment ripple far and wide

Awamaki.org, March 2013, International Women’s Day

The importance of spirituality in surviving college

Remix Your Health, October 2012

Indecent exposure: how to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays

Remix Your Health, July 2012

Go with your gut: how to keep your gut happy and your body healthy

Remix Your Health, March 2012



A guide to invisible leadership

Ophthalmology Business magazine, July 2015

Fifty shades of green: Protect the Osa for generations to come

Osa Conservation fundraising appeal, April 2014

From benchtop to laptop: A scientist’s transition

Under the Microscope, October 2012