Photos of town

Right  now I’m at a cafe near my house with pretty good internet, so I’m going to upload some photos for you all, so that you can see a little bit of the town and the people.


the view from outside my bedroom


outside my bedroom – mine is the door on the left


one of the old inca streets


the incan granaries – i hiked up there yesterday


a lady and her daughter wearing the traditional andean clothing

3 thoughts on “Photos of town

  1. It looks lovely there. I think you are very courageous to do this. Bob and I are following your blog and look forward to enjoying your journey with you. Kay

  2. Hi Lauren
    I forwarded your blog comments here to work and Susan and I were taking a peek. Susan says she is so proud of you and wish she was there enjoying the experience. We’re praying for you and all the volunteers. You are awesome. Hugs from home!!!
    Love, Mom and Susan

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