La vida en Ollanta

Yachay Wasi

Next week will be our last week at Yachay, because the summer school term is ending, but here is a recap of our days there so far…



Gabriel and Laia, twinsies!


Roger and I play with the animalitos


Weeding the garden. I agreed to this task before realizing that I couldn’t tell the difference between real plants and weeds and ended up destroying a flowerbed.


Samir, my favorite! Especially when he scrunches up his face to smile 🙂

rojer y samir

Samir and Roger, the cutest

roger in wig


Roger tries on wigs


English class!

our classroom

our classroom

teaching english

Me teaching our C class – with Jesus, Giovana, Dario, and Daniel

john teaching english

John with the Espinoza Tinta sisters


Having a dog in Ollanta is a strange thing. People tend to let their dogs come and go as they please and don’t put much stock in grooming them, so there is really very little difference between the street dogs and dogs that actually have a home. The street dogs are usually harmless, and if they ever do show a little bit of aggression you’re supposed to throw a rock at them and they’ll back off. (Seriously. I even found a book in the office from 1980 that said the same thing.)


This is Jack. he is the happiest, sweetest, and smartest dog in Ollanta. He doesn’t really have a home, but floats around and hangs out at the Awamaki office with his GF, Misky (Krissa’s dog). Unlike most of the Ollanta dogs he’s pretty clean and we all love him, and we’re pretty sure that he’s the reincarnated soul of a dead Incan warrior.





Rosie and Jack about to make out

My pup!

choco soda


This is the pup I found/stole for 5 hours, Laqha aka Choco Soda (choco soda are crackers covered in chocolate that John eats all the time.) How could you not love that beautiful little black face??

choco and rob

Choco and Rob take a nap


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