Machu Picchu

Finally, after three months of anticipation, I make my way to Machu Picchu. I won’t spoil it with words, because no words could express the beauty and awe-inspiring nature of this place. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Aguas Calientes, aka Machu Picchu Pueblo, where we will spend the night before heading to the site early the next morning…





The roaring Urubamba river…


DSC02302 DSC02303 DSC02305 DSC02313


mist settles over the mountain for just a moment…

DSC02317 DSC02319 DSC02323

and dissipates….



DSC02325 DSC02329

view on the walk to the sun gate

DSC02338 DSC02349 DSC02350

the end of the inca trail


MP and the switchbacks that take you up and down the mountain

DSC02360 DSC02361

the sun gate, the entrance point to MP from the Inca trail

DSC02370 DSC02371

DSC02372 DSC02375 DSC02384

we climb Machu Picchu mountain…. slowly…



and are rewarded with magnificent views.

DSC02388 DSC02389 DSC02392 DSC02399

DSC02400 DSC02402 DSC02405


DSC02411 DSC02413 DSC02414 DSC02419 DSC02421 DSC02424 DSC02426 DSC02428 DSC02431 DSC02434

DSC02437 DSC02438 DSC02439 DSC02440 DSC02449 DSC02451

DSC02456 DSC02457 DSC02458 DSC02462

my first encounter with a vicuña!

DSC02464 DSC02465 DSC02469

grazing llamas….

DSC02470 DSC02473 DSC02474 DSC02475 DSC02476 DSC02477 DSC02481

we make a llama friend…

DSC02489 DSC02492 DSC02496 DSC02498


DSC02502 DSC02503 DSC02504 DSC02506 DSC02508 DSC02515 DSC02516 DSC02521



DSC02525 DSC02528 DSC02529 DSC02530 DSC02533

and FINALLY I get a glimpse of the elusive viscacha! (aka, the Machu Picchu rabbit-squirrel).

DSC02535 DSC02538


i want one for a pet.





DSC02543 DSC02544 DSC02551 DSC02553 DSC02556 DSC02558 DSC02560


goodbye, Machu Picchu! I’ll see you again someday….

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